Thursday, March 26, 2015

Stainless Steel Cable Railing- Fascia Mounted

These photos represent our Stainless Steel Cable Railing design (SR-99).

The railing consists of 316 grade stainless steel with our Invisiwire cable hardware system. The railing has a top mahogany cap rail and is fascia mounted to the exterior of the deck.

We provided a brushed #4 finish.

These railing styles are becoming very popular for oceanfront, lakefront, and areas such as the mountains because they offer such a great clear view of the surroundings.

   Stainless-Steel-cable-rail-wood-cap-(SR-99a) Stainless Steel Cable Railing on oceanfrontStainless-Steel-cable-rail-wood-cap-(SR-99b) Stainless-Steel-cable-rail-wood-cap-(SR-99c)Stainless Steel Cable Railing on oceanfrontStainless-Steel-cable-rail-wood-cap-(SR-99d) Stainless-Steel-cable-rail-wood-cap-(SR-99e) Stainless-Steel-cable-rail-wood-cap-(SR-99f)Stainless-Steel-cable-rail-wood-cap-(SR-99.) Stainless-Steel-cable-rail-wood-cap-(SR-99)

IMG_20150213_121429Wall Railing with Stainless Steel Brackets

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