Thursday, March 26, 2015

Belly Railings with custom mounting collars

Another custom aluminum belly railing project completed. The photos will show how we accommodate round columns with a large base at the bottom of the columns.

For this application we had to end the railings with posts in order to meet the 4” code requirements.  We used flanges (Base plates on bottom of posts) in order to secure the railing to the deck. We “flushed” the flange at the end posts so we could get the post close enough to the column to meet the 4” code. This is a common occurrence. We also made custom “slide collars” to attach to the round part of the columns. The collars are made so they can slide to the structure for a tight fit.

This design is of our Basic Bellowed Railing (SEO-Open-Box). The color is Statuary Bronze.

Bellowed-Balcony-Rail-with-custom-slide-collars-4 Bellowed-Balcony-Rail-with-custom-slide-collarsBellowed-Balcony-Rail-with-custom-slide-collars-3


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