Monday, May 18, 2015

Club House Railings

These railings were built and installed by Southeastern Ornamental Iron Co. Inc

more than 10 years ago. We are currently working with Sauer Construction company in order to replace some of the railing due to renovations that are up and coming. As you can see, the railings look as though they were installed yesterday. The exterior rails were powder coated and are directly on the ocean front.


Club-House-Railings(001)  Club-House-Railings(002)

Grand Stair Railing 

Club-House-Railings(003) Club-House-Railings(004) Club-House-Railings(005) Club-House-Railings(006) Club-House-Railings(007) Club-House-Railings(008) Club-House-Railings(010)Club-House-Railings(009)  Club-House-Railings(013)Club-House-Railings(011)

ADA Two Line Pipe Railing  


Grand Stair Way


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