Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Custom Aluminum Balcony Railing for the Bailey’s

We completed this project a year ago. The project consisted of step railing with lateral endings, railing around a pool, radius balcony railing to include a shower curtain for the rear deck, and false balcony railings.

all of the railing carried the same theme around the house. We coordinated the design concept with their designer and got to work. All of the scroll work was hand formed and finished with a series 38 Tiger Drylac powder coat.

 Powder-Coated-Aluminum-Railing(R-144) Powder-Coated-Aluminum-RAiling(12)

Powder-Coated-Aluminum-Railing(R-143) Custom_Aluminum_Balcony_Railing(R-145)

Powder-Coated-Aluminum-RAiling(5) Powder-Coated-Aluminum-RAiling(14) Powder-Coated-Aluminum-RAiling(5)

Powder-Coated-Aluminum-RAiling Powder-Coated-Aluminum-RAiling(15)

Powder-Coated-Aluminum-RAiling(4) Powder-Coated-Aluminum-RAiling(7)

Thanks again for your business..!

Bobby Green

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