Saturday, February 21, 2015

Contemporary Style Wrought Iron Railing

We just completed a renovation project for the Bailey’s. They had an existing wood railing that they wanted converted into a wrought iron railing however they wanted to keep their wood top cap. This proved to be a challenge as the wood cap rail was not very straight and was twisted in the radius areas. We also had to make sure to cover their wood spindle holes as well as the large wood posts that we had to remove. The wood posts were cut into their existing treads so this was also a challenge.

We cut out their wood spindles and made a template so that the new iron railing wood fit perfectly.


After providing several drawings with many revisions, our customers decided on a design.

Here is their inspiration:


The final product:

Wrought-Iron-Railing(SR-128) Wrought-Iron-Railing(SR-128a) Wrought-Iron-Railing(SR-128b) 



Mr. and Mrs. Bailey,

Thank You for your business ! We truly appreciate it and we are glad to have had this opportunity to work so closely with you on this project.

Bobby Green

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