Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Lakefront Airport Terminal in LA

We completed our project with BelouMagner Construction Co. for the re-creation of the aluminum balcony railing that was originally installed in 1939. We were please to be selected for the railing renovation. It was a challenge to meet the requirements of todays safety codes while at the same time maintaining the look of the original railing design.

It was a pleasure working with Nelson Belou and David Cumino on this project. We visited the project two times in order to ensure that the design and fabrication went as planned. We look forward to working with BelouMagner Construction Co. again.

The aluminum railing was built to go around a large overlook such as you would have in a shopping mall. We fabricated the railing and delivered it to the Lake Front Airport Terminal jobsite. The installation was performed by BelouMagner Construction Co.

What David wrote:


Just wanted to shoot some pictures to you of the installed rails. They look great!

David Cimino

BelouMagner Construction


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